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Title: Patience is a Virtue
Pair: YoonHee
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: don't own wither the group or the drama
Summary: JunHee forgets his birthday and YoonJae has a surprise...

Reply 1997 fic written for Nanako because I love her, even though it's super late...OTL

JunHee looked up from the case files when something was placed right in front of him. Blinking, he stared at the cupcake, candle and everything, before looking back up at the girl beside him who hadn't been there last time he checked. "Um..."

ShiWon just grinned. "Do you even know what today is, JunHee yah?" she asked, voice amused.

Thinking about it, JunHee nodded. "Tuesday, right?" He paused. "Or maybe Wednesday..."

It wasn't the first time that JunHee had forgotten the day and with his residency and how incredibly busy being a doctor was, it most certainly wouldn't be the last.

The young woman snorted at the look of confusion on her friend's face. "One, it's Friday, and two, look at the date, idiot."

Pursing his lips, the resident shot his friend a dry look. "Well no need to resort to name calling," he muttered before turning to look at his calendar which he had surprisingly kept up with. When he saw the date, however, JunHee's eyes doubled in size and he shifted from ShiWon to the calendar and back again. "Seriously?! When did that happen?!"

The date read 10/04.

His birthday.

And he had completely forgotten about it.


ShiWon placed the cup of coffee on the table and slid it across to JunHee as he finished off the birthday cupcake before she took a seat across from him. The writer had dragged him to the cafeteria and away from all of the paperwork that he had been lost in for the past however long before ShiWon had shown up. "I still can't believe that you forgot your own birthday."

"In my defense, the sick and injured don't take a day off, not even my birthday," JunHee sniffed before picking up the cup and taking a sip before blushing lightly. "Though I could have sworn it was still September..."

ShiWon snorted at that. "Well you're just lucky that you have such an amazing friend like me who comes to remind you of things like that."

JunHee just chuckled before reaching across the table to pat her head affectionately. "Yes I am." Shaking his head, JunHee relaxed again and took another sip. "So how've you and YoonJae been?" he asked, surprised that he didn't hesitate when he asked.

ShiWon was quiet. "Actually, we had a talk a few days ago," she began. "We decided that we made much better friends than anything more." Looking at JunHee's stunned expression, she had to laugh. "It's okay, JunHee yah. We got everything out in the open there are no hard feelings on either side."

There was a small bubbling of hope at the information before JunHee quickly squashed it down. He refused to get his hopes up. It had been hard enough to 'forget' that he had been-and still was-in love with his best friend, and he really didn't think his heart could take the blow.

Smiling at her friend, ShiWon shrugged lightly. "Besides, our talk helped him come to terms with a couple things that have been bothering him lately."

"Like what?" JunHee asked, curious. YoonJae had never mentioned anything like that to him before, and the older man usually told him everything.

ShiWon just waved it off casually. "Oh, this and that. I'm sure he'll let you know once he's more settled with the idea," she explained with a light grin. "And speaking of, I hope you plan on leaving here sometime today because if not, YoonJae's going to drag you out by your ear when he swings by."

"YoonJae's stopping by? When?" JunHee asked, and ShiWon giggled at just how eager he sounded.

"When does your shift end?"

"Nine," JunHee answered.

At that, ShiWon just nodded her head. "Okay then. You had better make sure that you actually leave at that time, because YoonJae'll be here to pick you up and you know how much he hates waiting."

JunHee just let out a quiet snort. "He hates almost everything, but I'll try to finish up as close to on time as I can, so let him know that so I don't have to deal with an annoyed YoonJae on my birthday."

The two friends sat and talked a bit longer before JunHee's pager went off. Sighing, he said goodbye to ShiWon and after giving her a tigiht hug, the resident returned to work.


It was 9:35 by the time JunHee finally managed to get away, and that was only due to his sunbae distracting the doctor from his spiel and getting JunHee to crawl out using the desks as cover. He knew that he'd get the silent treatment for an hour or so for leaving him with the blowhard doctor who was doing nothing but telling them about how amazing he was, but it was his birthday dammit, and YoonJae was spending the rest of it with him.

Slipping out of his coat, JunHee placed it in his locker and pulled out his bag, placing it on the bench. When he closed the locker door, he screamed and nearly fell over if not for the quick reflexes of the man who appeared out of absolutely nowhere. JunHee stared wide eyed at the smiling YoonJae, who seemed to find far too much amusement out of his reaction and subsequent blush for his taste.

Once he had calmed down and his best friend had stopped silently laughing at him, JunHee smacked him in the chest and glared, cheeks still red. "Don't do that!"

YoonJae just grinned, unrepentant. "Why not? You have the best reactions when I scare you." Grunting as he took another hit, he ruffled his best friend's hair. "How was work? ShiWon ah told me that you were so into your files that you actually forgot your birthday."

JunHee just blushed at that. "You're never going to let me live this down, are you?" he sighed.

"Not on your life, buddy," the older man replied with a grin.

Sighing, JunHee answered the question. "It's been busy as hell. And since I'm still just a resident, they find the most menial and disgusting jobs they can for me to do."

YoonJae just laughed before reaching over and plucking JunHee's bag from his hand, ignoring the following protests. "It's your birthday and you should cherish this moment because seriously, how often am I this nice?"

"True enough," JunHee remarked airily, smirking at the look on YoonJae's face.

JunHee followed his friend our of the hospital and over toward his car. The ride, which he knew by heart, went by quickly and the closer he got to YoonJae's place, the stronger the fluttering in his stomach became. There was no real rhyme or reason, but ShiWon's words were ringing in his ears.

"YoonJae ah," JunHee began after a minute, yet was cut off by the judge.

"We'll talk inside," he said with a smile as he pulled into the parking lot of the apartment building he'd lived in since JunHee had moved out. Biting the inside of his cheek, JunHee nodded his head and waited until the car was off to open the door and get out. "Let's go up and relax. I'm sure you could use it, mister resident," YoonJae teased, earning a weak glare and a head shake.

"Well unlike your posh ass, I am actually on my feet all day. Must be nice sitting in that cushy office chair all day," JunHee remarked as he followed YoonJae inside and toward the elevator.

YoonJae shot him a look before pressing the number for his floor and leaning against the wall as the elevator began moving. "Yah, when did you become such an ass, Jun ah? That roommate of yours is a bad influence, I think."

JunHee just let out an amused snort. "More like I'm a bad influence on him," he said with a grin, finding himself relaxing a bit despite their close proximitiy. "Besides, you and ShiWon are my best friends. I need a thick skin with you two."

"True enough," YoonJae laughed before leading JunHee out of the elevator once the doors opened. It wasn't much longer before the two were inside YoonJae's apartment, shoes off and coats draped over the coat rack.

Once JunHee had stepped into the dining room, he stopped, eyes widening at the before a smile slid onto his face at the food on the table. "When did you learn how to cook?" he asked, noticing all of his favorite dishes spread out on small heated pads to keep them warm.

"Because I would have starved to death without you if I didn't learn," YoonJae pointed out before motioning for JunHee to take a seat, dropping into the chair across the small table. "And before you ask, I've known you for years, so of course I know what your favorites are."

Touched that the other man had cared enough to do such things for him, JunHee smiled and allowed YoonJae to serve the food. Taking a bite, he was surprised at the taste.

"Jae, this is amazing!" he praised before taking another bite, eyes closing at the taste, missing the fond look that his best friend had aimed at him.

Dinner and dessert were spend filled with casual conversation, something they haven't been able to have much time for in a while due to their busy schedules, and once they had both finished their meals, they moved into the den, dropping side by side onto the large plush sofa.

"Hyung, that was one of the best meals I've ever had. My compliments to the chef," JunHee remarked with an easy grin. "Maybe you should lay down the gavel and pick up a spatula," he teasingly added.

YoonJae returned the grin and just shook his head. "I don't think I have the patience to do this too often, so I'll pass, thanks." After a moment, YoonJae cleared his throat and turned a bit so that he was properly facing JunHee. "So I'm sure that you have something you want to ask," he said, and JunHee could have sworn to hearing the slight nervousness in his best friend's tone.

Pulling his lower lip between his teeth, JunHee nodded, shifting to match YoonJae's position. "ShiWon told me that you two broke up."

The man nodded his head in reply. "We did."

"Why? I thought things were going well. I mean, you've been in love with her since well before we even met. Hell, I think the only person who didn't know was her."

YoonJae just shrugged. "Things change, I suppose. It wasn't just me, either. We really are better friends than lovers."

JunHee watched YoonJae for a minute before slowly nodding his head. There was still that nervous tension, but he could tell that it was not over the breakup. "So when did this all happen?" he asked finally. "And ShiWon said that it made you come to terms with something?"

At those words, YoonJae just shook his head with a dry chuckle. "That little brat just had to open her big mouth," he complained affectionately. "To answer your first question, it had been building for a while but we finally ended things a couple weeks ago."

"And the second?" JunHee asked hesitantly. Meeting YoonJae's stare, he felt a spike of both nerves and something else entirely.

After a moment, YoonJae spoke. "Close your eyes."

JunHee just blinked. "I'm sorry?"

YoonJae just rolled his eyes gave his best friend a look. "Please?" he asked before letting out a small breath when JoonHee shrugged and did as asked.

For a couple minutes nothing happened, JunHee's brows furrowing in confusion at the silence. "Yah, YoonJ-" Of all the things in the world that he was expecting, the feel of YoonJae's lips pressed against his own was definitely not on the list. Eyes widening in shock, JunHee made a small sound of confusion before realizing that Yoon YoonJae was kissing him.

When YoonJae began to pull away from lack of response, another more desperate sound escaped his lips before JunHee leaned forward, reconnecting their lips as his arms wrapped around the older man's shoulders to pull him closer. He felt YoonJae smirk into the kiss before he finally let himself go, relaxing enough to allow the kiss to deepen before pulling away a minute later.

Breathing harshly and cheeks flushed, JunHee just stared wide eyed at his friend. "Y-YoonJae, what was-I mean when-"

"It just happened," YoonJae answered with a shrug and JunHee had to ask himself how the older man could be so calm because all he could think was 'Oh my God YoonJae just kissed me what the fuck'. "Maybe I did believe you a bit when you confessed in the park, or maybe it was the fact that not having you by my side felt wrong. Hell it could have been when I overheard you tell ShiWon that you were going to get over me." At that, he grinned. "Which is pretty much impossible because no one just gets over Yoon YoonJae, after all."

Despite his shock, JunHee had to laugh at that. "Arrogant ass. How has ShiWon not killed you yet?"

"Because I'm a lovable guy, didn't you know?" the man said, leaning close with a smirk on his face that made JunHee want to kiss punch him.

Blush darkening, JunHee shook his head. "You're hopeless," he sighed, but was unable to stop himself from closing the distance.

"Happy birthday, JunHee," YoonJae murmured against his lips as he reached out and pulled the younger man into his arms, sighing happily as JunHee released a hum of agreement, silently thanking every deity he'd ever prayed to.

Apparently patience really could pay off in the end.


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